What is Make?

If you are looking for a capable tool to automate any software with complex patterns, Make is the tool you need.

Better known under the name ofIntegromat, Make is a cloud-based automation platform. With this name change in February 2022, a real marketing repositioning and numerous new features. This new version of the tool has been completely redesigned for create workflows more simply and effectively.

Make create data flow with the aim of simplify, ofoptimizing And ofintegrate processes businesses. Make allows you to connect applications and automate workflows in a few clicks. Move data between applications effortlessly so you can focus on growing your business.

Make schema example

This tool requires a adjustment time With regard to the Getting started, but the interface has been redesigned to be more Visual in order to improve everyone's understanding. Skills in low-code or web are necessary to be able to use the tool in its entirety.

Make allows you to create scenarios simple and complex capable of making several other services communicate with each other. The latter is based on the principle of API calls (Application Programming Interface) of these services. The API is a tool that allows two applications to connect, to integrate with each other.

The modules integrated into a workflow can be integrations of no-code tools, native Make modules or even application modules that you have created.


Make's prices are available on request, it may change according to the number of users or options used. You can get a free trial of the tool.

  • Basic version: $9 per month
  • Pro version: $16 per month

If you are interested in the subject and you want to talk to our experts, do not hesitate we Contact in order to answer all of your questions!



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