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How is the integration of nocode tools beneficial for my business?


Understanding and questioning your business processes from top to bottom is the priority of our product designers & integrators before starting an integration project.

Can you support any sector?


Of course! Real estate, industry, medical, catering, luxury, we support all sectors of activity. We take care to verify the legal obligations of each sector and in particular when we process sensitive data.

Do I own the source code of the tools deployed?


Not all Saas used offer the same level of transparency and ownership with respect to the source code. If you want to be 100% owner of your software, communicate this need to us and we will source the right tools for you.

Can I connect an 'homemade' tool with a SaaS?


If your tool is open to APIs, yes. You will need to open your environment so that we can connect other software via API.

Where is my data stored when I use Saas?


Data when using SaaS is generally stored in the cloud, on secure servers operated by the service provider. Make sure you choose a SaaS that follows strict security and compliance standards to ensure the protection and confidentiality of your data.

What are the terms of payment?


We understand that each customer has unique needs, which is why we offer flexibility in our payment terms. Our modalities can be adapted according to the nature of the relationship and the specificities of your company.

Will my teams be autonomous to use the tools?


Yes, absolutely. We offer in-depth training to ensure that your teams acquire the skills they need to use and maintain our nocode tools effectively. This approach aims to guarantee total autonomy in the daily management of tools.

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