HubSpot and Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionize your content creation!


In the ever-changing age of digital marketing, stay competitive signifies adapt to the latest technological advances. HubSpot, a recognized leader in marketing and customer relationship management (CRM), is striving to stay ahead of the curve by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in its tools. In this article, we'll dive into the latest AI news from HubSpot, designed to simplify and dramatically improve content creation.

Subject Generator: Reinvent your email campaigns in 1 click

The HubSpot Object Generator offers an innovative solution for content creators by simplifying the creation of subject lines for email campaigns. By analyzing the content of your marketing emails, this AI tool generates three subject lines with a single click, using HubSpot best practices. No more time wasting time thinking about catchy subject lines. Now you can focus on creating and optimizing quality content.

Use case: Save time and increase the efficiency of your content creation by automating the generation of email subject lines.

Generating Social Media Posts from the Blog Editor

This AI feature makes life easier for marketers by allowing them to create social media posts directly from the blog editor. No more juggling different platforms, everything is done in one place.

Site Builder: Simplify Website Creation

HubSpot is currently working on an experiment AI integration for the creation of websites. This one-page approach reduces the number of decisions that entrepreneurs have to make, thus speeding up the launch of professional websites.

Blog Post Generator Powered by SEMrush

This new tool for generating content ideas for blogs is a real asset for aspiring writers. Powered by ChatGPT and keyword data from SEMrush, it generates article topics, titles, descriptions, and plans. All you need to do is enter a general description to get specific and popular ideas that will captivate your audience.

Use case: Save time, unleash your creativity, and maximize the impact of your content.

SEO Title and Meta Description Generator

HubSpot added a new content assistant feature for website pages, landing pages, and blog posts. This function uses AI to generate SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions, corresponding perfectly to the content of the page.

Use case: Accelerate content creation while improving your visibility on search engines.

Custom Image Generation

This new AI tool allows marketers to create custom images based on the context of their current project. An innovative way to add a unique visual touch to your content.

Slash Text Editing Commands

HubSpot content editors can now use slash commands to generate summaries, paragraphs, ideas, or conclusions directly in the blog editor. This makes it easy to create and edit marketing content quickly and effectively.

Instant Landing Page Creation

The HubSpot Campaign Wizard allows you to write the perfect text for a landing page with just one click, quickly turning an idea into a published landing page.

Social Media Ad Text Generation

With the Campaign Wizard, you can quickly create advertising texts for LinkedIn and Facebook in one click, with three variants to test for each campaign.

These groundbreaking features are available in beta on the HubSpot Marketing Hub. Stay on the lookout for rates and offers as they may change. In an increasingly AI-driven world, HubSpot remains at the forefront of innovation to help marketers maximize their creativity and effectiveness.

Image Generation: Personalize Your Visual Content in One Click

The addition of AI in image generation allows marketers to create custom visuals based on the context of their task. Whether it's to enrich your blog posts, emails, or social media posts, this feature makes it easy to create engaging images that perfectly match your content.

Use case: Bring your content to life with custom images.

Slash Text Editing Commands

Slash commands aren't just for generating content, they also help you quickly structure and edit your text. Whether you need a summary, an additional paragraph, ideas, or conclusions, the HubSpot blog editor simplifies the process with AI.

Instant Landing Page Creation

Do you have an idea for a new landing page? The HubSpot Campaign Wizard allows you to write the perfect text in one click. Then, with just one more click, your landing page is created and ready to be published. You can go from zero to a professional landing page in just a few minutes.

Use case: Simplify the creation of landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Generating Ad Text for LinkedIn and Facebook Ads

HubSpot's AI doesn't just simplify content creation, it also extends to ad copy generation. For your campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook, the Campaign Wizard offers you three text variants to test in one click.

Use case: Create attention-grabbing, high-performing ads in no time.


HubSpot continues to push the boundaries of creativity and efficiency by integrating artificial intelligence into its suite of tools. These innovations are revolutionizing the way marketers create, edit, and deliver content.

These features, currently available in beta on the HubSpot Marketing Hub, are a sign that the company is still at the forefront of digital marketing innovation. As AI becomes more and more essential in the world of marketing, HubSpot gives industry professionals the tools they need to remain competitive and creative in an ever-changing environment. Stay on the lookout for pricing and offers as they may change, but one thing's for sure: HubSpot is committed to supporting marketers in their pursuit of online success.

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